How to make Felt

Basic ingredients - Merino wool, bubble wrap, netting, soap, and your imagination and elbow grease!

Cordon Bleu extras can include silk or other natural fibres, and a rolling mat - bamboo works perfectly.

Card and blend the wool - it is important to make sure that the wool is as "even" as possible to avoid making lumpy felt.

Lay the first layer of wool onto your bubble wrap, and then add the second layer  - this time going in the other direction (warp and weft.)

Add any extra detailing that you fancy - this is your chance to be as creative as you want. Just be aware that only natural fibres truly felt - if you use manmade fibres then you need to persuade the natural fibres to felt around them.

      Stage 3

      Stage 2

      Stage 1

Work both sides of the felt, concentrating on areas that take a little longer to felt. Keep going until the fabric feels quite sturdy, then rinse out and using a bamboo mat, roll until you are happy.

Once you are happy with the layout of your picture, cover the image with netting. This holds your design in place whilst allowing you to keep control of the felting process.

      Stage 4

Using a sponge, wet the felt with tepid water, and then using soap to make it easier on your hands - rub and rub and rub!

The finished piece of felt - ready to embroider to bring out the detailing.

      Stage 7

      Stage 6

      Stage 5